Chen Xu 
Associate Professor
School of Data Science and Engineering
East China Normal University
Office: Zhongshan Road 3663 (N), 200062 Shanghai
Email: OR


Chen Xu is currently an associate professor at School of Data Science and Engineering, East China Normal University. Chen got his PhD degree in 2014 from Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering, East China Normal University, supervised by Prof. Aoying Zhou and also worked with A/Prof. Minqi Zhou. From Nov 2011 to Jan 2012, Chen severed at ECNU-MediaV Joint Lab of Computational Advertising as a research intern. From April to July in 2011, Chen studied as a visiting student at Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKE) Group, The University of Queensland, hosted by Prof. Xiaofang Zhou and Dr. Mohamed A. Sharaf. In 2009, Chen received the Bachelor Degree from Department of Computer Science & Technology, Hefei University of Technology. From 2014 to 2018, Chen conducted postdoctoral research with Prof. Dr. Volker Markl at Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) Group, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, as a senior research associate supported by Berlin Big Data Center (BBDC) project. His research interest is large-scale data management.

Selected Publications
  1. Zihao Chen, Baokun Han, Chen Xu*, Weining Qian, and Aoying Zhou. Redundancy Elimination in Distributed Matrix Computation. SIGMOD 2022.

  2. Zihao Chen, Chen Xu*, Juan Soto, Volker Markl, Weining Qian, and Aoying Zhou. Hybrid Evaluation for Distributed Iterative Matrix Computation. SIGMOD 2021.

  3. Zihao Chen, Zhizhen Xu, Chen Xu*, Juan Soto, Volker Markl, Weining Qian, and Aoying Zhou. HyMAC: A Hybrid Matrix Computation System. PVLDB 2021.

  4. Chen Xu, Rudi Poepsel Lemaitre, Juan Soto, and Volker Markl. Fault-Tolerance for Distributed Iterative Dataflows in Action. PVLDB 2018.

  5. Chen Xu, Markus Holzemer, Manohar Kaul, Juan Soto, and Volker Markl. On Fault Tolerance for Distributed Iterative Dataflow Processing. IEEE TKDE 2017.

  6. Chen Xu, Markus Holzemer, Manohar Kaul, and Volker Markl. Efficient Fault-tolerance for Iterative Graph Processing on Distributed Dataflow Systems. ICDE 2016.

  7. Sergey Dudoladov, Chen Xu, Sebastian Schelter, Asterios Katsifodimos, Stephan Ewen, Kostas Tzoumas, and Volker Markl. Optimistic Recovery for Iterative Dataflows in Action. SIGMOD 2015.

  8. Chen Xu, and Aoying Zhou. Quality-aware Scheduling for Key-value Data Stores. Springer Briefs in Computer Science, Springer 2015.

  9. Chen Xu, Fan Xia, Mohamed A. Sharaf, Minqi Zhou, and Aoying Zhou. AQUAS: A Quality-Aware Scheduler for NoSQL Data Stores. ICDE 2014.

Academic Services
  • Program Committee Member: VLDB 2021(PhD Workshop), SIGMOD 2020(Demo), ICPADS 2018, CCBD2016, CCBD 2015.
  • External Reviewer for Conferences: DASFAA 2015, ICDE 2015, ICPADS 2014, DASFAA 2014.
  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, VLDB Journal, Distributed and Parallel Databases, Frontiers of Computer Science.

Last Modified: December, 2021


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